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crédits Éva-Maude TC

crédits Éva-Maude TC

Sinem Kara

Actress, Comedian, Host

Graduate from théâtre du collège de Lionel-Groulx (2014)

Download resume : CV SINEM KARA_GChampagne AgenceArtistique

No UDA : 148 588 / ACTRA : AM-26 915
Height : 5’7’’
Hair color : Black
Eyes color : Hazelnut
Spoken language : French | Turkish
Licence : Class 5 (automatic et manual)

Actress and stand-up comedian, Sinem is a breath of fresh air! As soon as she graduate from Lionel Groulx (2014) her “do it all” personality brings her to share the scene with numbers of rising comedian. In 2017, she’s invited to to perform on the stage of Juste pour rire en direct and she recently presented her own show “suivant Next” at the Zoofest. She’ll be back again this year with her new show “Sinem Kara + mystery guest. She also did her first gala, hosted by Yannick de Martino at the Grand Montréal Comédie Fest. In 2019, she’s part of the Rendez-vous de la francophonie tour, in New-Brunswick and in Newfoundland.

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Publicité Orville Redenbacher

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