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crédit : Antoine LaRochelle

crédit : Antoine LaRochelle

Lilie-Rachel Morin


Graduated from Option -Theatre of Cegep Lionel- Groulx (2015)


Dowload resume : RESUME LILIE-RACHEL MORIN_GChampagne AgenceArtistique

Specials Skills

Reading at first sight, Crossfit, sports (athletics; Jeux du Québec in 2009), dance, snowboarding.

No UDA : 150 538
Height : 5’7’’
Hair : Light Brown
Eyes : Pers
Spoken languages : French (international, Québec)
Licence :Driver Class 5 (automatique)


SPECIAL SKILLS: Gymnastics, dance, music (singing and piano), stunts, reading at sight, rugby, swimming, snowboarding, wakeboarding, diving, boxing, crossfit, translation. ______________________________________________________________________________
Curious and versatile are, without a doubt, qualities that define the very brilliant artist that Lilie-Rachel Morin is. She’s constantly amazed and passionate by the multidisciplinary nature of living art. Since she obtained her diploma, after four years at the professional theatre school: Collège Lionel-Groulx, she accumulates numerous creative projects and not only as an actress. Lilie-Rachel Morin is also a very talented author. Indeed, in spring 2019, she had the pleasure of exploring and sharing her first play: “Biscuit Chinois”, after being selected for an internship offered by: “Carrefour Culturel” of the beautiful city of Notre-Dame-des-Prairies. You could have seen her recently in the two very well acclaimed theatrical creations: “SEX(E)” and “Vide. Tout ce qu’on fera de moi” both played at « Espace La Risée » a theatre well known for having the mission of celebrating the creativity of the new talents freshly out of theatre schools of Montreal and its surroundings. She also combined two of her big passions: theater and sports! Indeed, by participating actively in the creative process of the very interesting and first play to merge CrossFit and Art: “Stamina” written by Mélanie Langlais. Lilie-Rachel Morin has another unique skill: her voice. With a particular voice like hers, she had to make the best of it and join a professional workshop at the very well-known studio: “Syllabes”. She perfected her skills in “Overlapping” and “Narration” for audio books. As for now, we can see her perform as « Joelle » in the second season of the very popular serie « Toute la vie » on Radio Canada.