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credit: Karin Benedict

credit: Karin Benedict

Jason Richardson



Football (university and semi-pro), golf, curling, muay thaï, precision shooting, baseball, basketball, correctional officer, event organisation

UDA no : S-172 260
Height : 6’2’’
Hair color : Black
Eyes color : Hazelnut
Spoken language : French | English
Licence : Class 5 (manual, automatic transmission), 4A, 4B, 4C (minibus and emergency vehicules)

Endowed with a piercing and intense look. Jason’s personality is the total opposite. He has a big heart and has a kindness we can notice upon meeting him for the first time. He started working as an extra but wanted to be recognized in bigger roles. He took multiple online classes and an in person acting class. He is naturally comfortable in front of the camera. Passionate about acting, he is always ready and willing to invest, learn and grow as an artist!

Démo de jeu

Démo scène 2