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crédit : Guillaume Boucher

crédit : Guillaume Boucher

Aude Mathieu

Actress, dancer


Special Skills: 


Contemporary dance (Advance), Classic , modern and jazz dance. Skilled in movement (dance, fight scenes, choreography, etc..), mime interpretation and writting.

No UDA : S- 171 669
Height : 5’8’’
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Hazelnut
Spoken languages  : French | English (very slight accent)
Driver licence : Classe 5 (automatic)

Aude Mathieu is a real art lover : first formed in classic and contemporary dance, she pursues her formation in theater at l’école de théâtre professionnelle de Lionel-Groulx for one year, before she starts playing for the camera. During the last couple of years, she had the chance to work in some short films and videoclip, as an actress as much as a dancer. She worked with Jonathan Desbiens on the short film Learn : First World Problems, with Olivier Côté for the videoclip Calunias of the group Autodafé and with Frédérique Gervais Dupuis on the videoclip Wind Turns Cold from Saens.

She got the opportunity to play the role of Alice in a short film with the Charles de Prague university in Czech Republic. She followed a classes in text analysis with Danielle Fichaud, in movement with Omnibus and still follow her dance formation at the Montreal contemporary dance school. Great passionate, she loves everything touching the art of story telling, whether with movement, images, writing or playing.