Crédit: DS Sanchez

Crédit: DS Sanchez

Angie Larocque




Horse riding, boxe, dance, ballet, contemporary, bachata, Merengue, salsa

UDA no : 135 467
Height : 5’7’’
Hair color : Red
Eyes color : Pers
Spoken languages : French | English
Licence : Class 5 (automatic)

Annie-Geneviève Larocque is from Gaspésie, born in 1984. She enrolled at FACE school, in a program oriented towards the arts, including theater. She is involved in the Festival du Trac, an event that highlights theater and creation. It is from this moment that she discovers her true passion: acting. In 2010, Angie became an ACTRA member by getting a third role in an American film. That same year, Annie-Geneviève was chosen for another third role for the film Upside Down and later in 2014, for the American series Being Human.

Over the years, she attended various workshops with renowned teachers (Danielle Fichaud, Jean-Pierre Bergeron). In 2013, Annie-Geneviève worked on her web series DeadKiss in collaboration with actor Réal Bossé. In 2014, she left Canada for a year to France where she got a role in the Palmashow, broadcast on Canal+ and Direct8.

In the winter of 2016, Annie-Geneviève moved to Los Angeles for a few months and attended a workshop with Anthony Meindl, before moving to Vancouver. In 2017, she landed a role in the series Date my dad and the movie Overboard. Angie is also a former classical ballet and contemporary dancer on point. She is fluent in French (Quebec and international) and English. She is also the instigator of the film project “La vie selon Dou” from the Quebecois/Gaspesian literary series of the same name.

Séquence Being Human

Séquence Date My Dad